Dynamic Nano Clusters of Water on EVODROP Water

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Ignat Ignatov
Georgi Gluhchev
Fabio Huether


A research for nano clusters of electrochemically waters catholyte and anolyte was recently performed [1]. The actual study is connected with EVODROP water. Methods NES (Non-equilibrium Energy Spectrum) and DNES (Differential Non-equilibrium Energy Spectrum) are used for the study [2,3]. They allow the evaluation of hydrogen bonds energy. It is expected that these spectral analyses and mathematical models could help explaining the different effects of EVODROP water. Influence of different types of waters on the nervous system and anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects have been reported [4].

The device for the production of EVODROP water is invented by Fabio Huether. It transforms the tap water into alkaline one with a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) measured in millivolts (mV).

The study was performed of alteration of hardness of EVODROP water according tap water as control sample.

EVODROP water, number of water molecules, energy of hydrogen bonds, NES, DNES

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Ignatov, I., Gluhchev, G., & Huether, F. (2020). Dynamic Nano Clusters of Water on EVODROP Water. Physical Science International Journal, 24(7), 47-53. https://doi.org/10.9734/psij/2020/v24i730202
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