Effect of Primary Radio Climatic Variables on Tropospheric Surface Radio Refractivity Over 3 Stations in Nigeria

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A. I. Kareem
K. F. Olaseinde
K. A. Aminu


This study investigates the effect of primary radio climatic variables on the tropospheric surface radio refractivity across three stations (Makurdi (7.7322° N, 8.5391° E), Jos (9.8965° N, 8.8583° E) and Lagos (6.5244° N, 3.3792° E) in Nigeria. Two years (January 2008-December 2009) primary radio climatic variables data (temperature, pressure and relative humidity) obtained from the archive of the Tropospheric Data Acquisition Network (TRODAN) of the Centre for Atmospheric Research (CAR), which is an activity centre of the Nigeria National Space Research and Development Agency (NASDRA) was used for this study. The measurement was made at 30 minutes interval for a complete 24 hours cycle. The results obtained establish the variation of temperature and relative humidity to refractivity across the region.

Radio climatic variables, surface refractivity, trodan, diurnal refractivity.

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Kareem, A. I., Olaseinde, K. F., & Aminu, K. A. (2019). Effect of Primary Radio Climatic Variables on Tropospheric Surface Radio Refractivity Over 3 Stations in Nigeria. Physical Science International Journal, 23(4), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.9734/psij/2019/v23i430159
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